VC Solar
Solar potential analysis in 3D

A dynamic application for identifying sustainable energy solutions.

VC Solar is a 3D solar potential analysis on roof and wall surfaces taking into account shading objects.

Solar potentials on roof and wall surfaces of buildings

Established solar registers calculate solar irradiation only for roofs and are 2D. But how can the potential of facade surfaces and shading effects be determined in detail for the evaluation of energy measures in an urban context?

With the software VC Solar you can, whenever you want – in regular cycles or whenever something has changed in your building stock, determine the monthly irradiation values for direct, diffuse and global solar radiation on roof and wall surfaces of buildings. Shading objects such as vegetation, building structures and terrain are taken into account. By clicking on the building surfaces or parts of the building, the monthly or yearly trends of all types of radiation (diffuse, global, direct) can be clearly displayed in the form of diagrams and systematically evaluated over the entire building stock.

VC Solar is characterized by the following functions

Irradiation values for wall and roof surfaces

Consideration of shading (buildings, terrain, vegetation)

Direct, diffuse and global solar radiation

Diagram with monthly or annual irradiation

Customer example: City of Bremen

“VC Solar is a valuable tool that enriches the Digital Twin of Bremen and is used in urban planning, by building owners and for energy consulting.

Of particular interest are the solar potentials of individual building surfaces, because nowadays solar modules can be installed not only on the roof, but also vertically on facades or balcony parapets.”

Anna Leonie Knoke, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, State Office for Geoinformation Bremen

Bremen in 3D

Figure 1 Solar potential analysis in the Digital Twin of the city of Bremen including graphical-numerical representation of global, diffuse and direct irradiation | Source: © City of Bremen

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