VC Infra

VC Maps hosting solution.

You want to publish your VC Map on the Internet, but you don’t have your own web server?

VC Infra is our solution for this. VC Infra enables the publication of VC Maps including web conform geodata on the internet.

Simple and fast
Publish web maps

Our solution is aimed at customers who use a VC Publisher installation in-house. VC Infra gives customers access to dedicated storage in our VC Cloud hosting solution. The required access data is entered in the administration area of VC Publisher. Afterwards, the in-house prepared geodata can be published on the Internet with the VC Map.

Advantages at a glance

Custom URL

Optional password protection

Publication of any number of VC Maps

Guaranteed performance thanks                                      to load balancer and auto scaling

IP Whitelist

What our customers particularly appreciate

  • High flexibility
  • Sovereignty in hosting
  • No complex maintenance
  • High performance

Customer examples

Figure 1 Textured 3D city model of the City of Braunschweig including summer trees and designated areas for future fiber build-out | Source: © City of Braunschweig

City of Braunschweig

The city of Braunschweig uses VC Infra to make its map application, which was prepared in-house with VC Publisher, available to the public in a web browser. Among other things, the digital twin contains city map information on the topics of infrastructure, traffic, leisure and education.

Link to application


VC Publisher

Building a digital model can be so easy – the VC Publisher convinces with intuitiveness and performance.

VC Map

Visualize, analyze and simulate 3D city models on the web – platform-independent and multifunctional.

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