Our Partners

Each of our partners brings their own specific competencies to our network.
Together we pursue the goal of implementing the best solutions for our customers.


CADFEM GmbH is a pioneer in the application of numerical simulation in product development.

And because software alone does not guarantee simulation success, the company offers everything that matters from one source: software and IT solutions. Consulting, support, engineering. Transfer of know-how

As part of the CADFEM Group, it is a leading CAE provider and supports ANSYS users in all aspects of simulation. CADFEM has been a successful ANSYS Elite Channel Partner with 130 ANSYS specialists since 1985.


The company Aerowest from Dortmund offers the creation and processing of high-resolution 3D geodata. The data is based on flights

with the company’s own flight equipment such as the new IGI UrbanMapper-2P multi-perspective camera system. Beside high-resolution aerial photographs, the company focuses on production of

TrueOrthofotos and 3D Mesh as well as CityGML city models. With standardized exchange formats, all geodata can be integrated quickly and easily into the VC map environments.


Infoserve Inc. is a company founded in 1991 and based in Tokyo. Its main business is the distribution of both remote sensing and photogrammetry software in

Japan, with Infoserve reselling this software from Europe and North America. Infoserve has been distributing 3D city modelling software since 2014. The company mainly works with Virtual City Systems and UVM Systems for 3D city modelling.

For example, Infoserve generated 3D city models of the city of Nagoya and of Tokyo’s skyscraper area based on CityGML LOD2.

Future Insight

Future Insight is a software service provider from the Netherlands focused on providing solutions to improve collaboration within spatial projects. To achieve this the company develops its own online collaboration platform

Clearly which combines workflow management, document management and 3D GIS to make sure stakeholders are always up to date about their project. The company also assists clients in setting up and managing their own 3D Digital Twin based on

open standards and the VC Suite by Virtual City Systems. Most noteworthy is the specially designed www.nederlandin3d.nl, a country-wide Digital Twin to which customers can simply subscribe and supplement it with their own 3D Data.


M.O.S.S. Computer Grafik Systeme GmbH offers intelligent geo and IT solutions for the sustainable and beneficial use of geoinformation.

Solutions from M.O.S.S. make it possible to efficiently build up and manage large databases and to use this data to design and improve administrative and business processes.

An important focus of the company is the optimization of large geo-data volumes of vector and raster data, of point clouds and 3D as well as their integration into existing IT and process landscapes.


GeoFly GmbH is a long-standing expert in the creation and evaluation of photogrammetric products from aerial or oblique aerial photography, orthophoto,

laser scanning to digital solutions for 2D and 3D geodata. Web services like OBVIEWSLY.de, the browser-based oblique image viewer with integrated 3D building modelling, complete the portfolio.

With its own fleet of aircraft on site as well as the latest generation technologies, GeoFly GmbH is the full-service partner for geodata.


GEOINFO Applications AG combines the passion for geoinformation with the enthusiasm for software technologies. Innovative solutions are created from the ideas of their customers.

These include needs-based specialist applications for infrastructure, security, vegetation and agriculture. As one of the only Swiss providers in the industry, the company develops software products independently.

This is another reason why GEOINFO is one of the leading providers of comprehensive process-oriented spatial data infrastructures and agricultural information systems in Switzerland.

Software-Service John

Software-Service John GmbH has specialized for 27 years in 3D visualization and the transfer of data in CAD and GIS in the field of geodesy, industry, surveying, geoinformation and in-frastructure.

With the self-developed system VIS-All®3D existing and open geodata can be transferred into interactive 3D projects for desktop PC. These 3D projects are mainly used to explain construc-tion projects to non-expert panels and for citizen participation. Road and rail routes (e.g. by-passes) can be planned interactively and very efficiently.

In partnership with Virtual City Systems, synergies from the desktop and Internet world are bundled. The focus is on the preplanning of routes with VIS-All® 3D and the subsequent pub-lication with VC Map on the Internet.


Since 1998 RIWA GmbH has been supporting administrations, industrial companies and energy suppliers in the field of geoinformation. More than 600 customers entrust the company with their valuable geodata

and appreciate the comprehensive consulting and services in the fields of software development, digitization, data management, surveying and water management. The customers of RIWA GmbH benefit from individual and modular software solutions based on the latest technologies.

These enable data to be visually understood, digitally processed and analyzed in a targeted manner. With its tireless pursuit of even better ideas as well as its experience and expertise RIWA guarantees a continuous development of its products and services.

POI Media

Poi Media, a geoservices company based in Istanbul, Turkey, offers a broad portfolio of products and services in the field of geospatial technologies.

These include mobile mapping and laser scanning, 3D city modelling, BIM, GIS software and applications and facility management. Based on its many years of experience in carrying out land surveys, the company has developed a digital process that enables

the delivery of geographic data in all GIS and cartographic formats, both for customer-specific requirements and for standard specifications. This process enables products and services derived from aerial surveying to be used in a wide range of industries.

Point Cloud Technology

Point Cloud Technology (PCT) offers a universal platform for working with large 3D point clouds. As the digital twin of reality, 3D point clouds are particularly well suited for the automated implementation of object locations and analyses of captured environments based on machine and deep learning.

In particular, PCT develops very innovative technologies for the classification, analysis and visualization of arbitrarily large or exact point clouds from laser scanning or image matching methods, which are generated by aerial photography, mobile mapping or terrestrial scanning.

The company works closely with the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam and continuously develops the applied technologies further. Together with PCT, Virtual City Systems creates solutions for working with point clouds in any web browser.


SHH has been providing solutions and services in the field of geographical and technical 2D/3D information systems for 25 years. To this end, the company uses OGC standards and open

source technologies, applications from FME, Virtual City Systems, Bentley and Oracle as well as in-house developments. SHH implements 2D/3D geodata infrastructures and specialised data processing.

In recent years, the company has introduced and developed the smart3Dcity brand on the Polish market, cooperating actively with the public sector. Award-winning large-scale 3D city models of Poznan and Lublin were created and are constantly developed.

Sigma Metrix

Sigma Metrix is a private Russian company founded in 2013 and based in Moscow. Its core competence lies in the production of aerial and terrestrial laser scans as well as in the creation of orthophotos.

In addition, the company offers photogrammetric data processing, semantic 3D city modeling based on CityGML standards, and proprietary artificial intelligence software and technology.

The solutions the company develops for its customers are based on the most effective and promising global technologies. More than 60 projects have been successfully completed throughout the Russian Federation.

Terra Info Tech

Terra Info Tech(Beijing)Co., Ltd. is a leading professional services provider of Smart City and Digital Twin industry in China.

A series of products and services branded as SmartEarth have been developed with AI, IoT and Big Data Technology.

The company has formed the whole industry chain capability by integrating data acquisition, processing and application, providing digitalization solutions for Smart cities, Industry 4.0 and Autonomous driving.

UVM Systems

UVM Systems GmbH, founded in 2011 and based in Klosterneuburg, Austria, sees itself as a system provider for the management, refinement and use of 3D city models and 3D visualisation.

The two pillars of the company are Urban Visualisation and Management (UVM) and the software system CityGRID® (Systems).

Building on these, the team from the fields of geoinformation, surveying and photogrammetry, in cooperation with a broad network of partner companies, implements customised solutions for discerning customers in the 3D geoinformation sector.