Crisis Management

Making the future safer through accurate and rapid forecasting.

Those responsible for public security and crisis management devote considerable time and resources to making the best possible predictions. They have to identify potential improvements and assess risks, including climate change, to maintain a safe and liveable city for the population.

Some of our customers

How Virtual City Systems can help

We have a deep understanding of accurate and rapid forecasts in urban areas and can support you in identifying opportunities for improvement and in assessing risks for your city in the best possible way.
For example, our innovative solutions for defusing aerial bombs, flood protection and people flow simulation enable:

  • Rapid and well-founded evaluation of risks in the real urban context
  • Planning of necessary safety, protection and evacuation measures
  • Greater acceptance and understanding of measures among the population

What our customers say

“Thanks to the support of Virtual City Systems, it was possible to predict the dangers arising from the suspected bomb cases more accurately and in a more differentiated manner. This has helped to keep evacuation and protection measures to an acceptable minimum, especially in the hospitals concerned. It was thus possible to avoid the evacuation of intensive care patients and premature infants in the affected hospitals”.

Arnulf Rybicki
City Councillor and Head of Crisis Unit, City of Dortmund

Our solutions

Urban Simulation

What if…? Urban spaces need solid predictions.
Make predictions, identify potential, and estimate risks.

3D Geodata Infrastructure

Tap into the potential of 3D data.
3D-GDI: Start building yours with us or add on to your existing system.

3D City Model

Virtual 3D city models – Combine and visualize information, make better decisions, and solve problems.

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