VC Map
3D web map

Visualize, analyze, and simulate 3D city models on the web
with this multifunctional, platform-agnostic solution.

in all its dimensions – on the web

By displaying geodata in a combination of 2D, 3D, and oblique aerial images, VC Map makes it possible to carry out a variety of analyses and simulations. This web-based application offers an easily accessible portal where users from a wide range of technical areas can share and work on data together.

VC Map is platform-agnostic, meaning that it can be accessed from virtually any online device with a web browser. This enables users to examine maps not only at their workstations, but on-site on their mobile devices, as well.

A Smiss Army Knife for web maps

VC Map puts an array of versatile functions at its users’ fingertips for running analyses and recording measurements. This helps make time-consuming on-site inspections and measurement campaigns (and the costs involved) a thing of the past.

Basic functions


Simply entering addresses, street names, or cities will take you straight to your desired destination.


Add dots, lines, polygons, circles, and text in 2D and 3D.

Height profile

Calculate a cross section  along a specified route, including all the 3D objects on the current map.

Visibility analysis

Determine which objects are visible or obscured from a given perspective.

Transparent surface mode

Render part of an area transparent to reveal underground lines, pipes and other objects.


Compare different datasets (meshes, 3D buildings, raster data) directly by swiping with this tool.

Share views with others

Generate PDFs in your browser or share scenes with other users via direct links.


Determine heights, surface areas, and distances in 2D, 3D, and oblique aerial images.

Change perspectives

Change the view and examine a scene from a pedestrian’s point of view.

Virtual flyover

This function is ideal for presenting city models to customers, citizens, and other interested parties.

Clipping plane

This function makes it possible to “cut away” sections of buildings or ground layers for interior viewing.

Shade analysis

Determine the amount of shade on 3D objects at any time of day while factoring in the respective terrain model.

Advanced functions

These functions are designed for those who have a vision for their 3D city models and want others to share in the added value VC Map provides. They are ideal for geodesists, architects, city planners, and citizens.

Planning tool

Through integration with VC Planner, architectural models in various formats can be incorporated directly into 3D city models. The application also makes it possible to draft and extrude buildings and divide them into separate floors.

Find 3D objects

Run spatial queries or filter for object attributes such as building height or usage type.

Digital building measurement

Generate a complete set of dimensions for a building from directly within a city model. Cities can offer this feature as a service for tradespeople and home improvement enthusiasts.

Data-sharing platform

A tool for downloading countless file formats enables VC Map to serve as a platform for sharing data. This download function is suitable for both internal deliveries and presenting data to the public as a service.

Attribute editor

View and modify building attributes in your browser and add them directly to the database.

3D printing

This function produces a 3D bounding box that defines an area (taking the buildings and terrain into account) and exports it into a 3D-printable file in STL or OBJ format.

We developed all of these functions based on the VC Map API. Why not get creative and use this API to enhance your own application?

Other features our customers love

GIS integration

It’s easy to launch VC Map from your internal geoinformation system.


Efficient data processing and tiling allows for high-performance visualization in Cesium Viewer.

Data-sharing platform

With downloads available in so many different formats, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


This interface will enable you to develop your own plugins and tools.


VC Publisher

This is how easy building a digital city model can be –
with the intuitiveness and performance of VC Publisher.

VC Planner

Drafting urban planning concepts and incorporating them into the surrounding can be quick and easy. All it takes is a single software solution.

VC Warehouse

3D data conversion into every common industry format at the press of a button. VC Warehouse has what you’re looking for!


Spatial queries or filtering by object attributes – building height, usage type and many more.

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