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3D city models
for your software of choice

VC Warehouse makes it possible to convert 3D urban objects into a wide array of formats.

Users can download individual objects and select areas in a format that’s compatible with their software, or store them in a predefined directory structure. This enables you to continue working on your 3D models in whatever program you need.

The technology behind
VC Warehouse

  • VC Warehouse has been implemented as an FME workspace that facilitates the conversion of CityGML objects into numerous 2D and 3D formats.


  • This process establishes a connection with VC Database or the open-source 3DCityDB, acquires the CityGML data in question, and converts it into the desired format.


  • If necessary, a mail server can also be integrated to deliver the files by e-mail.

File formats

VC Warehouse supports the conversion of
the following file formats

  • CityGML
  • DXF
  • DWG
  • 3DS
  • OBJ
  • 3D PDF
  • 3D Shape
  • 2D Shape
  • Sketchup
  • VRML

How customers use VC Warehouse

Internal data exchange and conversion

VC Warehouse can be used to issue internal administrative files to various user departments. It also provides a simple means of handling external file requests and making 3D city models available in various target formats – for planning, architecture, and engineering firms, for example. Once an area is defined in the internal GIS, the CityGML files in the database at hand are queried and automatically converted into the desired target formats.

Open data exchange and conversion

VC Warehouse can also be integrated into VC Map as an export function to enable all users of the map application to convert the data relevant to them on their own. The data is then delivered by e-mail in the form of a download link. With the help of VC Warehouse, it thus takes just a few steps to turn any instance of VC Map into a download portal that makes 3D city model data available to a wider audience of users.

How can VC Warehouse support an open data portal?

Arguments for an open data portal:

  • Converts the data made available into added value for universities, startups, R&D, the broader economy, and more
  • Open access to data promotes the development of new applications
  • Creators from innovation and the sharing of knowledge

Success storys

Berlin: Every month, users submit an average of 1,500 requests for 3D data from the German capital’s download portal. The Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Public Enterprises maintains the portal as part of the city-state’s Open Data Initiative.

Rotterdam: The city of Rotterdam has also been highly successful in making its download portal available to the public. Numerous users take part in this open data portal to the tune of around 500 requests per month – and that number is rising.


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