About us

Virtual City Systems offers innovative solutions
for managing, distributing, and using digital 3D city models.

We believe that Digital Twins of cities based on 3D geoinformation form an essential foundation for understanding, designing and solving the complex challenges of our urban reality.

Our vision is to provide cutting-edge 3D city models and Digital Twins as a future-oriented platform that improves the management of urban resources and infrastructures and ensures the integration and networking of data. We stand for technology that facilitates collaborative and interdisciplinary urban development, transparent communication, and sustainable decisions based on analysis and simulation.

We have been following this vision with the development of our software since 2005. With our innovative solutions and many years of experience, we want to support cities in successfully deploying Digital Twins to design better living spaces. We maintain an open and honest exchange with our customers in order to develop technically sound tools that are oriented towards the needs of the users. We specialize in open standards and interfaces and are convinced that open source software is the best basis for our modular applications.

Our solutions are particularly used by public clients to manage, maintain, visualize, and utilize their 3D geodata. Because we are the first to offer advanced specialist solutions especially for digital planning and urban simulation, our user base is constantly expanding.

Virtual City Systems is part of the international CADFEM Group, one of the world’s leading providers of simulation solutions.

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