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Efficient conversion of terrain models, oblique aerial images, orthophotos, and
CityGML data for 3D viewing in one reliable, high-performance solution.

UI or command line – the choice is yours

VC Converter’s conversion modules make it possible to transform terrain models, digital orthophotos, oblique aerial images, point clouds, CityGML data, and other geodata into streaming-ready structures. In the process, extensive configuration options guarantee a high level of control over the content and tiling structures at hand. VC Converter is geared primarily toward companies that integrate corresponding libraries into their own solutions. That said, it also enables end users with sufficient resources to integrate conversion processes into their established IT solutions.

Our conversion modules


x3dm Generator is specifically designed to transform CityGML objects into Cesium 3D Tiles based on files or through a direct database connection. Here, it’s possible to choose from a variety of different settings. The module can display textures, copy over attributes, or simply factor in certain feature classes. x3dm Generator also supports the conversion of GeoJSON files.


The processing of terrain takes place in QuantizedMeshConverter. This involves transforming point rasters into a triangular mesh, and even merging them with breaklines when necessary. Along with point rasters, terrain data in TIN formats can also be converted into a Cesium mesh.


OrthophotoConverter transforms imported raster-based data into a tile cache in line with the Tile Map Service (TMS) specification. This ensures that photos will be appropriately displayed in the viewer according to the current level of zoom.


This module assembles oblique aerial images into tile caches that meet the TMS specification. As a result, it’s possible to display such images quickly using our VC Map technology.


With this module, users can convert point clouds in LAS/LAZ format into Cesium 3D Tiles. Any classifications present will be copied over as required and stored as styling. The converter also supports change detection calculations between two point clouds and can export the results as a Cesium 3D Tiles layer.

Other features our customers love


Log files make it clear which operations have run successfully and which have failed.


VC Converter provides the option to enter parameters manually in order to control its individual conversion modules in specific ways.

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