City model platform for efficient flood protection


The aim of the SHOWERS project is to work together with the municipality of Aßling in the district of Ebersberg to build a 3D city model platform for planning, managing and communicating municipal flood protection measures.

The platform will enable municipalities to design flood protection measures more efficiently and sustainably using three-dimensional representation. Reflecting the real world, this model offers a more vivid, intuitive and plastic communication of such measures than was previously possible.


Project duration

August 2019 – June 2022


Small municipalities

Small municipalities in particular should be enabled to collect and maintain data and models relevant to flood protection and make them available to expert users in order to better plan measures and respond appropriately to future flood events.

Web-based 3D visualization

The web-based 3D visualization of measures and variants can also significantly increase understanding among the administration, decision-making bodies and citizens.

Location-independent access

Furthermore, remote access to this device-independent (computer, tablet, smartphone) web service reaches more interested parties with comprehensibly prepared technical information, thus promoting discussion, participation and acceptance of complex situations.